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What’s In Store for Digital Marketing in 2019?

The year is coming to a close, so it comes time to look to the future and see where things are headed. What are the trends, what has 2018 taught us, and how can we implement it to the best of our ability to ensure that our clients get the best results possible.


A large amount of traffic is now coming from mobile devices. More and more – which is understandable. We know plenty of people who don’t even own a desktop or laptop anymore – they life and work are carried out on tablets and their phone. So what does this mean in terms of the likes of Google?

Google has recognised the fact that more users are now searching on mobile devices, and by voice (Seri etc.) so it is changing it’s criteria to match. The way it used to work is that Google would look at your desktop version of your website, and rank it that way, across all devices – however now it is looking at your mobile design, and how mobile friendly it is.

A lot of sites drop some major content on mobile, which is understandable due to the viewing size, however, now you might actually be penalized in your Google ranking if you drop that content.

Mobile design and content is now more important than ever.


No one likes being sold to – so a big part of digital marketing coming up is non disruptive ads – that is ads that you don’t know are ads (for lack of a better way of explaining). A lot of people talk about “content marketing” and that’s effectively what this is. But useful content. Content people can actually use.

The amount of pages we have been through which carries on and on, and doesn’t actually help you is mind blowing – but, it is content for their site, and technically unique, so it helps their ranks, right?

Wrong. Search engines are damn clever these days and can tell if you’re content is useless, or meaningful.

This is a little bit more slow going than other methods, but this does work.


The last thing to be aware of is machine learning.

Of course this has been happening in the past, but it is happening more and more. We touched on it with point 2 of content – but we thought it might be worthwhile touching base on it a little further. Further to it knowing the type of content you put out, it’s looking at what your users are looking at.

That’s right – it is learning what people are looking at, for how long etc., and making conclusions about that. As marketers, we are able to tap into that more than ever, and know the type of content and creatives we are putting in front of people, are what they are interested in – meaning more qualified site or business visits, having the greatest ROI.

So if you want the TLDR versions (TLDR = Too long, didn’t read) then here we go:

SEO, SEM and SMM for 2018 is going to be pretty interesting. Technology is more advanced than ever, and the content and intention behind advetising needs to be more spot on than ever – otherwise it’s going to get lost.

  1. Keep sites SUPER mobile friendly without dropping key information.
  2. Content market – but with useful content, helpful content
  3. Use machine learning to better target customers for the best ROI of marketing.

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