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Website Development
Website devlopment is cruicial to make sure that your user comes, stays and ultimately reaches the goal you want them to.
This can come through with the user interface, use experience, load time and layout.
This comes from the back-end (all the code) through to the front (how to user sees and uses the site). Each aspect is so important.
Mobile App Development
In this day and age, apps are everywhere - and they are changing how we interact with businesses. From order taxi's, food, buying clothes, or simply staying in touch or uploading videos.
Apps are now so important in life and for a business to get ahead - now keep in mind, not all services or business need an app - for some a website will be the best route.
SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
SEO - or Search Engine Optimiasation - is one of the most important things you can do for your site.
Think of it like having a bricks and motor store, but not being shown on any maps- or even the road you're on not being on the map.
We all want to be on the front page of Google - that's how you get business, and that's what SEO is for.
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
SEM - or Search Engine Marketing - This is where when you say, Google something, the first few results on the page are ads, this is SEM.
You pay to have your results above the others, usually, the more you're willing to spend on a click, the higher up you are - but there are some crafty things you can do to lower this cost as much as possible.
SMM – Social Media Marketing
SMM - or Social Media Marketing - is so, so useful in today's markets! The amount of data that is out there, the lazer like precision you can use to generate leads - it's hands down one of the best, and most cost effective advertising mediums there currently is.
You're also able to track and re-target people who get to differing stages of your website - meaning you can put out custom ads based on that.

Pricing Plans

Sole Trader
+ ~ $550 Set Up
Domain and hosting included
Single page design
Great for a quick, short bit of info
Social Media plugins available
Allows lead capture
Great for trades
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Large Business
Contact for custom quote
Custom built web solutions
Domain and hosting included
Up to 50 pages
Basic SEO included
Social media plugins
Lead capture
Great for larger businesses
Enquire now
No cost
Check the SEO "Health" of your site
Full SEO audit
Report provided
What to change/fix
Keyword health check
Site readability
Book your free audit now
Medium/Large Business
~ $1,000
Full on and offsite SEO
Keyword research
Market research
Website optimisation
Whitehat SEO
On and offsite SEO
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