SMC – Social Media CONTENT

… If someone visits your page, and it is out of date, or not maintained, they will go elsewhere…

SMC – Or Social Media Content is hugely important. Even if you have the best ads in the world – if someone visits your page, and sees it isn’t kept up to date, or worse yet, has rubbish content, it weakens your brand.

Pages need to be informative, visually engaging – and while posting your just listed and just sold is great, overall, people don’t care. They want something for them. Seeing you sell a property doesn’t add any value to them.

We have heard of agents who go in to get a listing and tell their potential vendor they are super active on social – while not all check, some do – and the ones that checked found out they hadn’t posted anything in months – they immediately lost the listing.

Consistency is king when it comes to Social – slow and steady. It may not get you a listing today, or next week, but in time it will.

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