SMM – Social Media Marketing

… Social media marketing is rapidly growing, yet still remains one of the most cost effective marketing avenues.

SMM – or Social Media Marketing – is incredibly powerful. It allows you to get in front of “passive” customers. What this means, is unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing) where the client is actively looking for something, SMM is popping up in people’s news feeds, or running mid video, based on the types of things they have searched in the past.

Using SMM, it is easier than ever to re-target those people who have been to yours site. This mean you can pay less in re-targeting those who have already shown interest in your product, they have already put their hand up and gone “yup, interested, now close me”.

Social Media Marketing covers a range of sites an “mediums”. You have the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. Each one of these also tends to have partners – that is that your ads aren’t just displayed on one site, they go out to many and pop up in the likes of news articles etc.

SMM does need a slightly different approach to SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Keywords here aren’t as important, as we don’t target searches. Here we target interests, so market research has to be done into your industry and go “Ok, so people who are interested in my service are also interested in…” from there we build audiences.

Audiences and accuracy are massively important. If this is wrong, your ads aren’t going to be seen¬† by many, or might be seen by the wrong people.

With this, we can also upload your entire contact list – so people who have purchased, signed up for news letters, anything where you have their contact info, we can get you or your company back in front of them.

SMM is hugely effective, and massively cost effective. We have seen leads come in at $0.20 a pop, and close sales worth on average $21,000 – now that’s a good ROI!

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