Digital Realm’s Terms of Engagement




This agreement is Between:                          Digital Realm Ltd

And:                                                                          You  (The Client)

1.0 Pricing and Subscription Term

All Prices are in NZD

Property Profiling on Social Media – $50+GST per month per property (month by month)
Lead Gen for agent using the client’s Social Media- $159+GST per month per campaign (month by month)
Personal Real Estate Website – $45+GST per month (12 month subscription)
Listing Showcase tool (Facebook with 2,000 or more likes) – $35+GST per month (12 month subscription)
Search Engine Marketing – $249+GST per month (3 month subscription)
Social Media Content – $249+GST per month (3 month subscription)

  1. The client agrees to give 7 days notice in writing if they wish to cancel their campaign or subscription.
  2. If no notice is received, the campaign or subscription will automatically roll over to another month or subscription period.
  3. Ad spend is set by the client, and is paid by the client.
  4. Campaign is to be paid for in advance unless prior agreement is reached.

2.0 Products

  1. Product prices are accurate at the time of this letter being issued.
  2. Digital Realm Ltd. will at the client’s direction, create and manage social media ads through Facebook and Instagram for the specified properties/lead gen.
  3. Digital Realm Ltd. will maintain and monitor the ads throughout the campaign, making adjustments to maximise exposure and results.
  4. SMC will be produced and posted on the users business timeline – only relevant to their area and industry.
  5. SEM – ads and campaigns can only be run that Digital Realm create, while the subscription is active.
  6. All websites used remain the IP of Digital Realm Ltd
  7. All Website services remain the IP of Digital Realm Ltd


3.0 Intellectual Property

  1. All documentation and websites are the property of Digital Realm Ltd. and is only to be used by those active subscribers of the service.
  2. Documents cannot be copied, reproduced, republished, or publicly distributed.
  3. No reverse engineering, copying, rebuilding or changing of any services, product, website or tool may be allowed.

4.0 Disclaimer

  1. While every endeavour has been made to supply accurate information and material the accuracy of this information and material cannot be guaranteed, particularly as this information is subject to change. Digital Realm Ltd. take no responsibility for the consequences of any action or inaction arising from the information and material provided
  2. The client subscription can be cancelled at any time by Digital Realm Ltd.’s discretion, if the client is deemed to be abusing the service or bringing Digital Realm Ltd.’s name into disrepute
  3. The client has all legal right to display said listings on their profile (i.e. agency agreements etc.)


5.0 Payment

  1. The client will be invoiced in advance if they do not opt to use PayPal.
  2. Late payment fees may be incurred (15% late penalty fee).
  3. The client will be liable for the cost of debt recovery should the client default on payments
  4. Invoices are to be paid within 7 days of the date of the invoice
  5. If the client continues to use anything created by, run, or managed by Digital Realm after they end their subscription the client is required to pay for another subscription period, each subscription period the content/ad is running.

The Client acknowledges that they have been advised to read this agreement before signing up for any service provided by Digital Realm Ltd., and that they understand the contents of this agreement.

This written agreement constitutes the full and complete terms of the contractual relationship between The Client and Digital Realm Ltd. by purchasing any of our products, either via PayPal, e-mail, phone or any other medium it is deemed to be accepting of these terms.